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Queer & Trans Voices:

Achieving Liberation Through Consistent Anti-Oppression


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What does it mean to work towards our liberation?

How can we center and make space for ourselves and others?

How is nonhuman animal liberation part of our own fight for queer rights?

With a focus on building bridges between movements and dismantling hierarchies between oppressed groups through consistent anti-oppression, Queer and Trans Voices: Achieving Liberation Through Consistent Anti-Oppression, follows the concise and to-the-point style of resource activist and author Julia Feliz Brueck. In this volume, Feliz Brueck and queering activist-scholar Zoie (Zane) McNeill collaborate to raise the voices of LGBTQIA+ vegans across the world working to acknowledge the interconnections between social justice groups in order to consistently and effectively achieve liberation for all.


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Veganism of Color: Decentering Whiteness in Human and Nonhuman Liberation

Edited by Julia Feliz Brueck

A Vegans-of-Color Community-Led Project by VoC for PoC


About the Book

 Forget everything you’ve heard from mainstream white veganism; this  isn’t a book about single-issue advocacy through the most privileged of  lenses. 

Veganism of Color is a compilation of writings from  seldom-heard voices of color drowned out by the same white noise that  systematically oppresses us all– vegan or not. This community-led effort  is a call from Vegans of Color to People of Color to decenter whiteness  and work towards dismantling a form of oppression that, although very  different, interconnects with our own. 

Embracing a social justice  spectrum that is aware of, and working against, all forms of supremacy  is a must if we are going to achieve true liberation from systems of  oppression for ourselves and other marginalized communities. 

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