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We are a vegan book publisher that aims to create vegan books that inspire change for the betterment of our world  – for all people -human and nonhuman- for nature, and our world as a whole.

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Veganism of Color: Decentering Whiteness in Human and Nonhuman Liberation

Edited by Julia Feliz Brueck

A Vegans-of-Color Community-Led Project by VoC for PoC

About the Book

 Forget everything you’ve heard from mainstream white veganism; this  isn’t a book about single-issue advocacy through the most privileged of  lenses. 

Veganism of Color is a compilation of writings from  seldom-heard voices of color drowned out by the same white noise that  systematically oppresses us all– vegan or not. This community-led effort  is a call from Vegans of Color to People of Color to decenter whiteness  and work towards dismantling a form of oppression that, although very  different, interconnects with our own. 

Embracing a social justice  spectrum that is aware of, and working against, all forms of supremacy  is a must if we are going to achieve true liberation from systems of  oppression for ourselves and other marginalized communities. 

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