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Wild and Free


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A catchy, repetitive rhyming picture book with beautiful illustrations, Wild and Free  helps introduce young children to the concepts of wrong versus right  when it comes to animal use and exploitation. It also teaches them to  extend their care and empathy towards all.

Written by an  elementary school teacher, Andrea Zimmer, and illustrated by artist Julia Feliz Brueck, children will become captivated by the bright  imagery of animals they love while examining what it means for them to  have a choice in how they interact with and impact others - both  nonhuman and human.

Sales from this book help support Preetirang Sanctuary.

Food Justice: A Primer


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Food Justice: A Primer, edited by Saryta Rodriguez, is a collection of essays by activists,  academics, farmers, and others involved in the Food Justice Movement  examining food justice and food sovereignty from a variety of angles.  These essays range in scope and tone from personal, hands-on experiences  to macro-level observations of how communities' ability to both access  healthful, justly-produced food and determine for themselves how they  are fed can be improved upon, including efforts currently underway  toward these ends. 

For too long, the Food Justice Movement has  been senselessly divided between those who focus on the rights of humans  and those who uphold the rights of nonhumans. In truth, the most just  and efficient way forward to promote this cause is for these communities  to come together and work in solidarity with one another, as myriad  individuals and organizations around the world demonstrate with their  hard work and careful analysis. This book aims to illustrate why this is  necessary while confirming that it is possible, in hopes of inspiring  further cooperation and collaboration between seemingly disparate causes  under the umbrella of Food Justice.

A Portion of sales supports the food justice organizations Casa Vegana de la Comunidad and Fuel the People.

Also available in both paperback and eBook from Amazon.

A Southern Girl's Guide to Plant-Based Eating


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"Enticed by how personable and delicious this reads. A very timely publication with so many black folk exploring veganism these days, discovering down home cooking can apply to vegan eats too." -Demetrius Bagley, producer of Vegucated and Vegan Mashup

Discover how to put Southern soul into plant-based cooking!

A Southern Girl’s Guide to Plant-Based Eating: Recipes from The Vegan Soul That Won’t Make You Go Broke by Cametria Hill will help guide your transition to plant based eating and vegan living through dozens of Southern infused recipes to satisfy your soul. You’ll find cooking tips, the low down on food alternatives, a jumpstart week of meals for those new to plant-based eating, recipes for kitchen aces, tips for eating out, and much, much more. 

If you want to learn how to cook like grandma & ‘nem vegan style, then Cametria’s got your back!

Also available in both eBook and paperback from Amazon.

Veganism in an Oppressive World


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Veganism in an Oppressive World, A Vegans-of-Color Community Project edited by Julia Feliz Brueck is a must read for anyone that wants to become an effective and consistent anti-oppression advocate on behalf of nonhuman animals. 

A portion of sales helped support the vegan organization Food Empowerment Project from 2017 to 2018. Sales will now help make volume two accessible to PoC communities.  

Also available in both paperback & eBook on Amazon, as well as Powell's Bookstores, Left Bank Books Collective, and via Calgary Vegan. 

Baby & Toddler Vegan Feeding Guide


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The Baby and Toddler Vegan Feeding Guide is a to-the-point guide for parents looking to raise their little ones safely on plant-based diets. The guide is filled with evidence-based information and is dietician approved!

Part of sales from this guide help support the vegan organization Chilis on Wheels.

Also available in both paperback & eBook on Amazon  and as paperback from Barnes & Noble and Vegan Essentials.