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Founded in May 2017 by vegan author & illustrator, Julia Feliz, our goal is to create a cycle where published books support pro-intersectional vegan organizations and sanctuaries while reinvesting funding to publish new books with unique and educational content. As it stands, Julia does not take a salary and is reinvesting profits into keeping the publisher running with as basic amenities as possible and using her own money to start the publishing cycle. 

 It takes about $200 to keep our publisher running with basic monthly costs (administrative, website, basic marketing, and other fees). Being able to have this covered would mean spending more resources and time on publishing amazing content to help make the world a sanctuary for all marginalized communities, and above all, nonhuman animals. Any excess amount raised will be invested in the costs of publishing our books. 

Apart from publishing books, our goal is that every book sold will also generate funds that support the individual or group on which the book is based on. 

As stated before, it is important for us to create books that inspire change for the betterment of our world, and at the same time, foster the ethics in which our values are based on – for people, for non-humans, nature, and our world as a whole. We want our society to be a sanctuary – a safe space – for all.

We are grateful for supporters that believe in the difference we hope to achieve through this important work. 

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The following individuals or groups have supported Sanctuary Publishers or one of our book projects through Patreon or a grant, which helps make what we do possible:


Cassidy Thomas

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Deutscher Jugendschutz-Verband 

 Ailsa Turner-Gibb 

Sandi Swiss

 Jerneja Tomsic 

Mike & Elisabete Sousa

 Kiki Baaijens/Vegan Events Netherlands

Stacy Russo

Farm Sanctuary