Please use the contact to send us an introductory email that includes your name, book title, and a summary description of your manuscript. Authors must understand that every book published through Sanctuary Publishers will benefit marginalized communities in some form. 

Guest bloggers are welcome to also get in touch!

Illustrators & Graphic Designers

Use the contact form to submit your online portfolio and a description of your work. You will be contacted if we are interested in a collaboration. Otherwise, we will keep your details on record. 


If you are looking to use your talents to help raise the voices of marginalized communities, then perhaps you would be willing to volunteer to do just that? 

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Open for Submissions:

Submissions welcome from ALL for a vegan/animal rights community project:

We are looking for vegan writers and artists willing to submit their work for a community based unique activism book concept that will feature text and artwork from nonhumans' point of view. Part of the profits for this book will benefit an animal sanctuary. 

Email for details.

Details & guidelines for this project HERE.


Submissions welcome for a VoC-led Community project:

For PoC by VoC 

This is volume TWO of our VoC Book Projects.


If you could say something to nonvegan PoC, what would you tell them about your ethics and the validity of veganism as a justice movement against oppression? Why should PoC include nonhumans in their advocacy?   

Details for the book project 

Submissions welcome for a VoC-led Community project:   


We are open for the following relevant submissions for a VoC-led book project:   

-line drawings or black & white artwork
-b&w photography
-short quotes
-short reflections -essays  

Please note that all submissions must be pro-intersectional and nonhuman and ethics focused since veganism is a movement to fight nonhuman animal exploitation. However, you may also incorporate other aspects (environment, health, history, spirituality, etc.) in your piece that have had an impact on you related to veganism since we all experience veganism differently.   

No word limit or minimum for submissions. Write as much or as little as you’d like.   

Submissions must be from VoC, original work by the author or artist, and previously unpublished.   


This is a project by Sanctuary Publishers in collaboration with vegan artists and writers of color from all communities.    Writers and artists will be credited by name in the book and with a link to their online portfolio on the eBook and the on the contributors’ new release blog.   

If you are not VoC and would still like to support this effort, you can do so by volunteering your time for marketing, helping with your graphic design skills, or through financial support, via: 





Apart from providing a platform for VoC. A portion of the money raised from this community effort will be used to help fund pro-intersectional, anti-speciesist, anti-oppression, and inclusive work.


Currently OPEN for submissions.   

DEADLINE for submissions: 

MARCH 1st, 2018   

Send submissions to    

We have many projects in the works!

Check back often for openings.