Our Story

  Sanctuary Publishers started as a small seed planted into our subconsciousness when we first leaped into the vegan lifestyle a decade ago. Since then, that seed continued to grow with the opportunities that we have had to meet many of the non-human animals - pigs, chickens, and cows -  in their sanctuary homes. These moments helped us realize that we could use our collective talents to help raise their voices through their stories. The seed had finally taken root. 

As vegans of color, we believe in inclusiveness and intersectionality in our fight against oppression. Because of this, sanctuary has taken an even deeper meaning as we continue to expand our work in an attempt to create safety and understanding for all non-humans and marginalized people. 

Our logo represents our humble beginnings and extends into a form whose branches represent strength and growth as we embark to use art illustration and the written word to speak for all.

Our Commitment


    Every book sold will generate funds that support the individual or group on which the book is based on. It is important for us to create books that inspire change for the betterment of our world, and at the same time, foster the ethics in which our values are based on – for people, for non-humans, nature, and our world as a whole. We want our society to be a sanctuary – a safe space – for all.  

We are a vegan owned and operated company committed to lifting up the voices of non-human animals, people of color, and the environment.  

About the Founder

Julia Feliz is a decade long vegan of color committed to using her abilities to raise the voices of non-human animals.  Julia is a published author and illustrator, as well as a research scientist striving to help leave the world better than she found it.