What's the point if no one can access our work?

As a small, independent publisher, I took a chance because I wanted Sanctuary Publishers to be a tool towards working to help build bridges between communities and to support and raise the voices of marginalized groups. 

A year and a half later, Sanctuary Publishers has worked hard with designers, editors, and even volunteers, as well as the support from individuals to bring you invaluable books and resources, which include side projects like:

The Vegan Bill of Consistent Anti-Oppression:

Veganism of Color: 

New Pride Flag: 

The work of Sanctuary Publishers has also helped support organizations that are building bridges themselves between animal rights and human rights. 

Originally, I envisioned having the ability of sending our resources (i.e. books!) to venues, such as community libraries, community centers, shelters, prison libraries, etc. in order to help continue to bridge movements and raise the voices of those not often heard. After all, what's the point of doing what we do if many can't access our work?

However, as a small entity, we just don't have the budget if we are to continue creating and supporting. So, as an alternative, we are ending 2018 and starting 2019 with a brand new initiative based on the kindness of those that have written to ask how they can sponsor books. 

The Mail A Book Project will offer our books at a discounted price to those that would like to help make our books even more accessible. 

Discounts for Book Sponsorships:

1-50 books - 30% off the retail price

50+ books - 40% off retail price

PLUS cost of shipping

We'll mail the book(s) directly to your chosen venue (you must provide an official address for a community center, shelter, prison library, community library, juvenile correctional facilities, specific school programs, programs dedicated to give back to PoC, etc). Non-profits are not included in this sponsorship program unless you contact us first to explain what you plan to do with the books, which must not be for the nonprofit to keep themselves.

Please get in touch so we can help workout your needs and discount:

Thank you for supporting our work!