Food Justice: A Primer

 Food Justice: A Primer is a collection of essays by activists,  academics, farmers, and others involved in the Food Justice Movement  examining food justice and food sovereignty from a variety of angles.

For too long, the Food Justice Movement has been senselessly divided between those who focus on the rights of humans  and those who uphold the rights of nonhumans.  This book aims to illustrate why this is  necessary while confirming that it is possible, in hopes of inspiring  further cooperation and collaboration between seemingly disparate causes  under the umbrella of Food Justice.

Sales from this book help support "Casa Vegana de la Comunidad," a community-led food  justice project from Chilis on Wheels based in Puerto Rico. 


 Saryta Rodríguez is an author, editor, and social justice advocate.  Their past writings have focused on food justice, veganism, race, and  gentrification. Learn more about the author via

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