A Better World Starts Here


A Better World Starts Here: Activists and Their Work by Stacy Russo presents the  stories of activists contributing towards the common good within their  communities and beyond in a commitment to eradicate various forms of  injustice and oppression. This is a book of struggle but also a book of  hope, joy, and liberation. Essential reading for anyone wishing  to find empowerment and guidance, the stories of activists such as  Michelle Carrera (Chilis on Wheels), activist poet Judy Grahn, Sarah  Rafael García (Barrio Writers), vegan and ecofeminist writer Carol J.  Adams, feminist anthropologist Ruth Behar, Sonya Renee Taylor (The Body  is Not an Apology), Kamekə Brown (Farm Sanctuary), Steve Bell (Prison  Library Project), Bamby Salcedo (TransLatin@ Coalition) and many others  will inspire, support, and ultimately, provide promise for a better  world for all readers –whether new or seasoned to activism.


 Stacy Russo, a community college librarian and professor at Santa Ana College, is a writer, poet, and artist. She believes in lifelong learning and the power of personal story. Stacy credits the punk rock movement of her teenage years with her political awakening and journey to veganism.